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March 19, 2007



I am a custodial parent who has remarried. I was in the active military and am on transition leave for retirement. I have had custody of my 4 children since January 2003. I divorced my wife in in 2003 over irreconcilable differences. The ultimate reason behind that is that she commited adultery many times over our 14 year marriage. The final adulteries were commited in the church we served at with several different people. My X over my 14 years while in the military seemed to always be in and out of jobs. When we divorced, she continued to show these patterns. I have a 2nd year college student, a high school senior and 2 elementary school students. The X over the last several years have been felony in failing to pay child support for the children. It appears the court feels sorry for her. She had been having multiple relationships with different men, at times in the presence of the children so much so that the high school senior refuses to visit her residence. Well she was eventually put out of her residence and she continued having every other weekend visits with the children, however she utilized other folks residences to do so. She eventually ended up in a shelter/"Rooms at the Inn. She performed a few of her visitations at the shelter which I voiced with no resolve. During the early stages of her neglect of the kids, I through my lawyer had a Guardian Ad Litem appointed because the kids were coming home with multiple stories of neglect and issues. Apparently has taken her side and when he questions the kids at their school, he is aware and refuses to ask them questions like, "has your mother ever left you in a public park by yourself?" He is refusing to ask the children so as to incriminate the mother by asking relevent questions like, what do you think about your mother's multiple relationships with different men sleeping over to her then residence. I have released one lawyer because when I stated my concerns to him, he sided with the Guardian Ad Litem that he selected to do the job. There were other reasons as well. I am the only advocate my children have in these matters. I also understand that it is difficult to remove a GAL. I have since then hired a new Attorney. The GAL asks the children one-sided questions which produces one-sided evidence for the judge to review. As a 20 year veteran who chose to fight for our country and uphold its values, I feel that I am being shafted by the system. I can tell that the GAL has particualarly catered his questions toward the kids to give my X the advantage. What can and should I do in this matter? The case is located in the state of Tennessee. Lastly, I know this is all about money. I paid a one time $10,000 during the marital disolution to my X to prevent her from having apart of my retirement. All she is wanting is the money, she does not care for the health and wellfare of the children. I have meantored these children all of their lives. Each child chose to be with me.

Thanks for your assistance.

Laura Coon

Need More Attorneys like you!
Our son has also gone through one nightmare after another. His first attorney was given proof of neglect on his 7 month old, asked if he should get a GAL, the attorney said no he wouldn't need it with every thing he had gathered over time. The judge in our small town is bias, and has a rep for doing the norm, which is leaving the children with the mom. My son asked for a continuance from the judge, he had found out in the court house lobby his attorney was going to agree with what ever the other side offered. The judge told him it was too late and do as his attorney told him.
He has another attorney we have heard nothing out of for the last 3+mo. seems like the same out come on the other end.
He has been given the file and more proof of neglect, yet nothing has come of it. He is now as broke as can be, we used our money, so we are broke and the only thing that we/him have paid for are two people. for that we could have thrown $6K+ into the wind and helped someone needy.
She (ex) should have had 14 contempt charges over the last 14 months, but nothing has happened to her. Our son had the last ruling dismissed from the court, this included the bogus child support ruling. Yet because the judge hasn't gotten around to signing the paper in over 4 months, he is looking at jail time, if he can't come up with the rediculous amount in the next couple of weeks. Not to mention he paid child support to the first attorney, has receipts, and I guess the guy has decided to keep it, cuz we keep calling and he keeps blowing us off.
Truly may your work be blessed, there just aren't enough of you guys out there.
God Bless the attorneys who really care.

Michelle Green

God bless you! Where are all of the attorney's in Missouri like you who actually CARE about the welfare and well-being of the children above and beyond the almighty dollar? Unfortunately, they're few and far between.

My son is acting pro se in his quest for custody against a pro bono attorney that is assisting the mother in keeping the children in an abusive and dangerous living situation. He was thinking that by requesting that the court appoint a GAL, at least his kids would be represented and heard. Well, that didn't happen during the ex parte hearing. The GAL never even MET the kids, only interviewed the parents 10 minutes before the hearing and then it was over and the ex parte was denied. So much for representation of the children.

Now he's preparing for the custody hearing and feels....no, KNOWS that he is his children's only hope of getting out of that situation. We can't even find a lawyer to COACH him in his efforts without paying thousands of dollars up front.

I commend him for his actions and his dedication to his children and pray the judge doesn't permit or, heaven forbid, ASSIST her attorney to overwhelm him for trying to do what's right. I wish I could at least stand next to him during the hearing for moral support.

God bless you and God help us all.

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